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This section is a list of Children's Bible Learning Resources from Awana Ministry Director, Rick Fisher.

The intent is only to share from experience what I’ve discovered effective discipling my family and even myself by the authors below. Hopefully they can be a help to you.

Step-By-Step Bible


4+ for READ-to-Me
8+ for READ-on-my-own.

This book is an effective read-to-me version for young children, as well as a good reader for kids with good reading skills and comprehension.

Gallery Sample of Book:

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Children’s Bible (circa 1965)

7+ for READ-to-Me
9+ for READ-on-my-own

This is a very well written, true-to-the-text Bible written for kids over 50 years ago. We found in our home if we raise the bar, our child has followed and done well with this book.

It appears out of print but there are a lot of copies out there. I do recommend this book to read with your child. Adept readers can pick this up and read it with occasional help with word definition from an adult.

My only issue with this book: Jesus is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed American. Besides not having a physical description of Christ in scripture, being God was born as a Middle-Eastern Jewish man I surmise his appearance was otherwise.

Gallery Sample of Book

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The Jesus Storybook Bible


1+ for READ-to-Me

This is an excellent READ-to-ME book for younger kids and can even serve as a self reader for Kindergarten/1st Grade kids. It tells the story of the Rescuer coming to save us.

This book is available in the Redeemer Kids Ministry Area

Also available from Amazon