Mission Impossible: Sunday Morning Prayer

Pastor Dale Thackrah

Every Sunday morning, the elders at Redeemer Bible Church gather early for prayer. Your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to set time aside every Sunday morning to join us in Spirit and pray for the preaching of not only Redeemer Bible Church, but of every gospel-focused church in our valley. You can pray alone in the quiet of the early morning, or together as a family in the car driving to church (or both). Remember that God calls upon us to pray without ceasing (1 Thessalonians 5:17), so I hope that you will accept this assignment.

Prayer for the Preacher, the Preaching and the Hearer

Every week pastors from all across the valley study and then do message prep for their Sunday sermons. These men spend hours digging into their respective passages, and then even more hours crafting how to deliver the message in a way that helps to either A). Move their people along in sanctification or B). Be a sweet aroma of truth that draws non-believers to repentance and faith. Here is how the elders at Redeemer Bible Church pray every Sunday for Pastor Jon or any other man filling our pulpit.

We pray the following:

• That God would redeem the time of study and that the pastor would be able to deliver the intended message of the passage(s) they are preaching to God's people.

• That the Holy Spirit would be active through the preaching of the Word and that He would be working in and through not only the preacher but also the listeners of each message.

• That God would protect the pulpit from any error and that only truth would be taught that day.

• That the preacher would only concern himself with preaching what the Bible says, not what the preacher wants to say.

• That God would draw people to Himself for His purpose(s) through the preaching of the Word.

• That believers would apply the teaching to their daily lives and experience growth and transformation because of the instruction they received through preaching.

• That our community at large would experience the blessing because of the theology, doctrine, and practical truth that is heralded from our pulpit.

Don't let this blog self-destruct in 5 seconds, purpose to use this model in your life to share the burden that the elders at Redeemer have for everything that we do - especially our preaching.

Dale Thackrah