When we find something special — a great deal or something that gets us really excited — we want to share it so others can get in on the action too. When we find a great new restaurant we want others to know about it.  This way, they can share in the excitement, but also promoting this new restaurant may ensure that it will thrive and be there for years to come.

If you wanted to, how would you do the same thing with Redeemer Bible Church? The most effective way will always be face-to-face recommendations. Chances to do so, however, may be rare.  Like me, you probably don’t have people coming to you asking for a church you recommend very often, so is there more we can do? There is!

You can share the excitement of your church with many more people, even people who you’ve never met. There are hundreds of people looking for a good church all around us, but where do they find recommendations? The answer is simple: the same place you and I do. While a few still use the Yellow Pages, most of us have become completely dependent on internet searches for everything, whether it’s looking for a place to have dinner or even a church to call home, and there are some great ways you can help our church become easier for people to find.


That’s easy — Easter is coming! There are only a few times each year that our church gets a ton of new visitors (e.g., Mother’s Day, Christmas, etc.), and Easter is the best time of the year for this. Our attendance almost doubled last year on Easter Sunday. I am sure you feel the same way I do: you want as many people as possible to hear about the love of God shown to us through His son Jesus Christ on Easter. That will happen at Redeemer on Easter, so here are 6 really easy but very impactful ways YOU can help people find OUR church:


Seriously, isn’t Google the first place you go with a question? Well, Google is somewhere you have to be if people are going to find you. If you do a generic search like “Churches in Gilbert AZ” this does not provide Redeemer Bible Church with good results as of now. If you click on that search link, you will not find us on the map until the 2nd page as the 29th church. Worse than that, you will not find us listed until the 12th page, and when was the last time you used the 12th page of a Google search? YOU can very easily change this and help our church A LOT! Click this link, Redeemer Bible Church. On the right side of your screen, you’ll see a button that says “Write a review.” Click that and write a short recommendation for anyone searching for a church. This is an important part of how Google chooses to list results so the more reviews, the higher we are ranked on their list of Gilbert churches.


Did you know we’re on YouTubeYouTube is the 2nd largest search engine in the world all by itself. This is a great tool for us to spread our sermons over the world! Our YouTube Channelgets a lot of traffic for a church our size. In fact, hundreds have seen our Understanding Mormonism videos. So how can you help? Click this link (Redeemer YouTube Channel) and subscribe. Then, watch the sermons, share the videos we post, comment on the videos, “like” videos. The more you interact with our channel, the more YouTube and Google (same company) will promote what we’re doing at Redeemer. Additionally, each week we upload both sermon video and audio, and all of our YouTube videos can be found here on our website.


Ok, so I love Yelp as much as the next guy, but it seems more and more people are looking for churches on Yelp. We are doing really well on Yelp. Last week 6 people used Yelp to get directions to our church, many more came to our church website after looking at us on Yelp. In fact, if you look at Yelp’s “10 best churches in Gilbert AZ” you will find we are listed at #5, behind some pretty big dogs (Central, Mission, Redemption and Gilbert AZ LDS Temple)! This is based solely on our reviews, so the more (and better) reviews we get, the higher we are ranked! So, please login to Yelp and write a good review. Tell everyone why you think people should join you at Redeemer!


There is no arguing that Facebook is a HUGE community. There are millions of ideas being shared and supported (through “likes”) every single day. This is a great way to share our church with friends as well as friends of friends. Facebook uses some interesting algorithms to decide what it displays on other people’s Facebook news feeds, but this is good news for you! All you have to do is like, comment, check-in on Sundays and share posts like blogs or sermons from our Facebook page. The more interaction you have with this Redeemer Facebook page, the more people–beyond just your friends–will see our church. So, start a discussion in the comments of a post, share it for all to see, like it and more people will know about your church.


Ok, to be honest, I’ve always kinda hated bumper stickers. I don’t think I really cared enough about a “cause” to want to slap a silly bumper sticker on my car to profess my undying love for lima beans, world peace, or a sports team for everyone to see. However when I moved to Arizona, I quickly noticed church bumper stickers EVERYWHERE, and I thought what a cool way to advertise your church. Well, Redeemer Bible Church has bumper stickers for you!

If you’re worried about the paint on your car, put it on your back window. If you’re worried about the way you drive turning people away from Jesus if you have a bumper sticker, can I say this gently, change your driving. When my Growth Group meets at my house, all my neighbors and everyone driving down my street sees “Redeemer Bible Church” over and over and over again on our cars! It shows everybody that Redeemer is alive & well, not confined to our building, but we’re out in the community together! If you would like a bumper sticker, visit the Info Desk in the lobby of the Worship Center on Sunday. They’re FREE and if you need help applying it, let them know and they will get someone to help you.


If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a pen because you’re always losing them. With our pens, that’s OK! Visit the Info Desk and grab some Redeemer pens. Take them with you to restaurants, the bank, school, where you get your oil changed, even your work and then, leave’em there! I have actually had a waiter bring me my check and when I opened the book, there was a Redeemer pen — that was amazing! I would love to have that happen more often. Let’s leave so many pens around town that people want to know what’s going on at Redeemer Bible Church! So come by the Info Desk in the lobby, grab a handful of pens, take them with you and leave them all over town!

In the end, it would take you less than 15 minutes to do all of this, so don’t delay. Help people find our church today!