Every Sunday a group of young adults from RBC meet to dive deeper into God's Word. It is vitally important for us to make sure we do not simply gain knowledge in our study. We try to take breaks from time to time to ask ourselves "how does this effect how I live?" How does what we study in the Bible change our perspective on the world? How does it effect how we treat others in the Church and outside the Church? How does it build in us a love and compassion for the lost?

Currently in our young adult group we've been going through the book of 1 Corinthians. As we concluded chapter 5 we found we needed to stop and ask ourselves some hard questions. The church in Corinth was in a very morally open and accepting culture, most anything was acceptable. So much so that it seems the church prided itself in it's open stance toward sexuality and sin. Sound familiar? It is hard to read this letter and not feel like it is being written to the church in America.

The big question we are wrestling through right now is "How do we engage with our culture from a Biblically defined conviction?" We are drawing from some of our cultures current hot issues swirling around sexuality and "gay-marriage." What is the Christian's role in our society? What if we were a baker? A florist? A government official? What about attending weddings? What is right? Does it matter if the couple claim to be Christians? How do we love people well? We are not only talking about Homosexuality and "gay-marriage,"w e are also looking at divorce and re-marriage. Is there consistency in our convictions around sin? Should there be?

We had great discussion on Sunday and everyone was encouraged to go home and look at their Bibles to see what God's Word has to say about our responsibility in our society and our responsibility to God. These are BIG questions that do not have a simple answer; however, everyday it is becoming more and more important that we have solid convictions about these topics. Further it is becoming more and more important that we can define these convictions based upon what God's Word says, not what we think or what we feel or what society says...What does God say?

If you would like to join us, we meet every Sunday evening in the Youth Room of Redeemer Bible Church from 5:00-6:30pm. After meeting we usually go out and enjoy a meal together. We would love to have you join us this week!

Dale Thackrahworldview