Sean Colelli

Worship Arts Director

Sean was born and raised in a Christian home in a small town near Akron, Ohio, growing up with three older brothers and a younger sister. At a young age, Sean took an interest in music, teaching himself to play the drums, piano, and guitar. At age 13, Sean felt God calling him into ministry and started leading worship for various youth groups across Akron. As years went by that passion for leading others into a time of singing grew stronger and led Sean to Arizona in 2009. He was the Contemporary Music Director for a Church in Phoenix for three and a half years before accepting a position with a local non-profit. During that time Sean met his wife Emily and they married in October of 2014. Later in September of 2018, Sean and Emily felt God calling them to dedicate their time to leading and loving others here at Redeemer where Sean is now the Worship Arts Director. Sean’s hope is that people will not see him, but come to know and experience the goodness of Christ through the songs we sing and the teaching we hear on Sunday. Sean is inspired to sing songs that are based on what we know to be biblically true about our Savior and not just about how we feel. He prays that people will always look to scripture as their source of truth and not their emotions.