What is Discipleship Counseling?

Discipleship Counseling, or biblical counsel, at Redeemer is driven by our mission to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus. It is the act of targeted discipleship and soul care through the loving admonition of God’s word to specific suffering and sin prevalent in the Christian’s life.

Our counsel is gospel-centered and seeks the growth of each person in their love, trust, and pursuit of Christ. It is the restorative aspect of shepherding… “He restores my soul.” - Psalm 23:3

We believe God’s word is the best lens with which to see sin and suffering in ourselves and the world. All other lenses are blurred. Therefore, we seek to increase our love of His truth in all counsel and deepen relationships with Him.

What is offered?

Our heart is to serve the body of Christ deeply and sacrificially. For non-members at Redeemer, we offer triage counsel which typically includes a single session (1-2 hours) of specific care. This time encourages from the word of God, seeks immediate avenues of hope and change, and looks at how you are engaged with other means of grace (God’s word, prayer, and people).

Members at Redeemer can expect counsel that may extend 2-12 weeks based on an initial assessment and the overall need. This time of scheduled counsel will include all the same care as triage counsel, but deepening in each area as counsel progresses. Member counsel may require your review and acceptance of our consent to counsel document and your commitment to complete assignments offered for your growth and care by a discipleship counselor.

What's Next?

To request contact regarding counsel at Redeemer, please complete the brief linked form below.