growth Groups


Growth Groups @ Redeemer exist to help people grow together in their faith and develop Christian relationships. This is a foundational way we live out our mission to Know, Love, and Serve Jesus Christ and the people around us. Acts 5:42 gives us a window into what church was like just after Jesus’ death and resurrection… “And every day, in the temple and from house to house, they did not cease teaching and preaching that the Christ is Jesus.” The early Christians had both large gatherings and small group gatherings, and so it is at Redeemer Bible Church.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are sermon-based and focus on discussion questions from the pastor who led the weekend services. These groups are varied in demographics with some being open to all while others are dedicated to Young Adults, Couples, Growing Families, etc. These groups will enjoy fellowship, discuss other life topics, and consistently pray together as they grow in their love for Jesus, build connections with other Christians, and do the work of expanding God’s kingdom.


Biblical shepherding is the heart of what defines our Growth Groups @ Redeemer leaders and hosts. We seek, affirm, and train leaders who model servant leadership and shepherding, all within the application of truth and love. Leaders must be members of the church, committed to the What We Teach statement, willing to complete specific training on shepherding and leading, and meet overall biblical qualifications for serving. If you are interested in leading or hosting, please contact


Most groups have a regular schedule that is weekly, bi-weekly, or another consistent pattern throughout the month, with flexibility based on the needs of the leaders and group members. Groups typically break for summer and certain holidays, or have a lighter schedule during those times. We do encourage consistency, but also rest for leaders and hosts throughout the year, times to be refreshed and renewed for the ministry.


If you are interested in joining a Growth Group @ Redeemer, please click on the registration link below. Due to high levels of interest, we often have some waiting as new openings occur, but you will receive regular updates on openings and opportunities once registered.