course Objective

This course will survey the history and development of biblical and systematic theology from the Apostles to the modern church, highlighting major people and developments throughout the centuries. Topics covered will include:
  • Who wrote the New Testament and why were those books chosen for the canon?
  • Was Peter the First Pope? Where did Roman Catholicism come from?
  • Was the Faithful Church always there?
  • Early church Fathers and apologists
  • Early heresies = modern false religions
  • Church Councils
  • The church in the Dark Ages
  • The pre-reformers, the reformers, and the Reformation
  • Did Protestant Theology start at the Reformation?
  • The Great Awakening and its Great Men
  • The Rise of Pentecostalism and Charismatic Theology
  • Modern Liberalism and its roots

required reading

  • Church History in Plain Language - Bruce L. Shelley
  • Course Notes