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Strengthen Curriculum

Our Equip Strengthen classes will cover a wide variety of biblical studies and practical theological classes. These courses are designed to take you on a deep-dive study into a subject in order to grow your understanding from general knowledge to a more specialized training. Examples of future classes may include topics such as cults and world religions, early church history, examinations of charismatic theology, and Bible book studies in Matthew, Romans, Isaiah, etc. Classes will be offered as our instructors make them available, so please continue to check back for the most current offerings!

Current Courses

Roman Catholic Evangelism Training (Online)

This class is taught by Mike Gendron from Proclaiming the Gospel Ministries. There are 5 sessions and a Q&A with accompanying note packets. Topics include a historical look into Catholicism and their drift into apostasy, how to evangelize Catholics biblically, and more! The cost of the course is $10 per individual and $20 for families.