| Saturdays @ 4:00 & 5:30 pm and Sundays @ 9:00, 10:30, & 11:55 am


course Objective

Every Church has a Spiritual Heritage Foundation. We recognize at Redeemer Bible Church that we have many people from many backgrounds and many different experiences of what exactly church is. The purpose of the Equip Foundations course is to serve as a means to establish a common spiritual heritage for all of our members through a study of RBC's church history, doctrinal foundations, and practical outlets for involvement in the life and body of the church.

The elders and pastors are asking that all new and existing members take Equip Foundations within 2 years of becoming a member, or from when the first course is offered. The in person class is designed as an 8-week curriculum. You will have opportunities to meet and interact with the Pastors and Staff of RBC, to fellowship together as committed members of the Body of Christ, and to learn how you can put your God-given gifting to use in the work of the Ministry. The curriculum looks like this:

  • Week 1: Redeemer Bible Church's history, purpose, leadership, and mission
  • Week 2: A Biblical Understanding of the Word of God and what Bearing it has on the life of a Christian
  • Week 3: Who is God? What does the Bible teach us about Him
  • Week 4: Who and what is Man? Why did God create us? And for what purpose?
  • Week 5: What is Sin and how has it affected everything? What is the solution?
  • Week 6: What does the Bible teach us about Salvation through Jesus Christ?
  • Week 7: How Should we then Live? As Christians, what does it all mean for us?
  • Week 8: Growing and Practicing our Faith together at Redeemer Bible Church