How to Interpret the Bible

course Objective

Bible interpretation involves methodology, science, and an artful approach. This process is called Hermeneutics. This course will focus on foundational issues and systems of basic Bible interpretation, focusing on the Authorial Intent and the Grammatical-Historical method of interpretation used at Redeemer Bible Church. Course will cover topics and issues such as:
  • Literal Grammatical Historical Hermeneutic
  • Authorial Intent, Original Audience, Historical Context
  • Progressive Revelation
  • Understanding how to interpret Genre (Prophecy, Visions, Poetry, Narrative, Epistle, etc.)
  • Understanding voice (is the author speaking for himself? For God? As hyperbole?)
  • Problems in Hermeneutics to Avoid

required reading

  • Basic Bible Interpretation - Roy Zuck
  • Course Notes (Provided)