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Ministry Update


Support with giving

If you would like to support any of the ministries that RBC is partnering with in Zambia, please click the button below. Due to international fees and wire transfer issues, we will organize bi-annual gifts to the ministries on the ground in Zambia according to their needs, partnering for the work of the gospel in many ways.

Support with prayer

Be in prayer for Chopo Mwanza and his family, Faith Baptist Church Riverside, Phil Hunt and the team at Central Africa Baptist University, Kitwe Church, Faith Children's Village, and for the men and women faithfully working to get the message of the Gospel to the unreached people of Zambia and all of Africa.

Support a child at fcv!

If you would like to learn more about the ministry of Faith Children's Village or if you would like to help support a child you can visit the site linked below. The website will allow you to contribute directly to the needs of children who are lacking support. Our heart is that our church would fully fund these amazing children!