| Saturdays @ 4:00 & 5:30 pm and Sundays @ 9:00, 10:30, & 11:55 am

Core Curriculum

The Redeemer Equip Core Curriculum exists to serve the body of Christ at Redeemer Bible Church through equipping knowledge and practical application of the courses offered. Each course is designed to be part of a comprehensive whole that is designed to equip each lay member of RBC with practical knowledge of the Bible, of Bible study and interpretive methods and practice, and of practical Christian life elements in order to strengthen and embolden the faith of our members and regular attenders.


Our Core Curriculum is made up of 12 classes that will be offered every other month in a 2-year rotation. Past classes will be offered in an online format for those who were unable to attend. For a list of classes view our course schedule linked below.


In-Person Course: (fee includes printed note packet and lunch on Saturday along with snacks, coffee, and beverage):
  • $25/individual, 
  • $35/couple
  • $45/family
Online Course:
  • $10/person
  • $20/family
Scholarships can be granted to any student in need of one. For more info contact equip@redeemeraz.org.


Students will be responsible to purchase books for each course. Books can be digital or hard copy and can be shared with family and friends. RBC will provide a reading library where students can read copies owned by the church and kept in the library. This will help to mitigate the cost for students who wish to take courses but do not desire to purchase the book. 


We will meet together on Friday night from 7-9 pm and then we will meet again Saturday from roughly 9-3 pm. Lunch will be provided on Saturday. Snacks and coffee will also be provided. You should come prepared to take notes, follow along with the course materials, and be ready to write down any questions you have for our Q&A times during the course.


The homework assignments are designed to help you synthesize the information you have learned and put it into practical application into your life. Don't worry, they will not be overbearing! After all, if the ministry is called Equip, it had better serve its purpose! Each student will have six weeks to complete the homework and indicate to the instructor that they have finished the requirements for the course in order to receive credit.


Upon completion of the core classes offered, the student will receive a certificate that states they have completed the Redeemer Equip Core program.